Our Impact

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Sport Matters makes an impact on the lives of people in developing communities. We develop lasting relationships to create sustainable change for organisations, for communities and for individuals. Ranging from formal and informal community partnerships, indentifying local champions and creating employment opportunities, Sport Matters leaves a lasting legacy.


How do we know that Sport Matters is making a difference?


Monitoring and evaluation is critical to our approach. We measure impact using a variety of tools and it's much more than counting the number of people that participate in our workshops.


Here is an example from our recent program in Mitchell's Plain, South Africa. Participants were asked to graph their confidence on a scale from 1 to 10 in three areas; coaching, including people with disabilities and basketball. The graphs were done at the start of the workshop and at the end of the 3 day training and each time participants had to explain their graph to the group.


Everyone's confidence increased across the three areas with the exception of one person who recognised that the more they knew, the more there was to learn.


Hear from some of our clients about how the training made an impact on their confidence:                graph of 1 participants confidence in sport when living with a disability


"I think this time the training was, for me it was more intense, more than the last time. I learned a couple of things I didn't know before...I can take this confidence with me!"

Greater Bulls Wheelchair Basketball Club


"I started off very badly but I think I ended off nicely. I started with a 3 and I ended with an 8. I started with a 4 and I ended off with a 7. I started with a 2 and I ended with a 7. I'm confident because I can play the game. I've outdone myself."  


Ravensmead Disability Forum