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International Journal of Sport for Development (JSFD)

Submissions closed in February for the first edition of the International Journal of Sport for Development (JSFD). Launching in 2012, the JSFD is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal focused on publishing research from the Sport for Development field to advance, examine and disseminate evidence and best practices for programmes and interventions that use sport to promote development, health and/or peace. The journal features six thematic areas;


Sport and Disability
Sport and Economic Development
Sport and Education
Sport and Gender
Sport and Health
Sport and Peace


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Disability in the Global Sport Arena: A sporting chance

A special edition of Sport in Society was published by Routledge in 2011 (Volume 14, Issue 9). This publication will also be published as a book in May 2012. The publication features contributions from a number of members of the Global Disability Research in Sport and Health Network.


The publications include an article on "Participation rates of developing countries in international disability sport: A summary and the importance of statistics for understanding and planning." by Sport Matters CEO, Jackie Lauff.  



                                Global organizational change in sport and the shifting meaning of disability                   wheelchair basketball players on brochure cover - disability in the global sport arena




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